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“Writing is an adventure and that …is why I love cabbage.”

-Someone Famous

As far as I know, no one famous has ever uttered the aforementioned statement.

But wouldn’t it be fun to write a story with a famous character who, with the theatrical flair of one of those students from “The Actors Studio”,  randomly throws out dramatic monologues about cabbage?

That’s what I love about story telling, it’s a great way to let the imagination run wild!

I honestly believe that everyone has the ability, and more importantly- the need, to tell a story.

This seems to be part of what makes us human.

Of course we don’t all tell our stories through the written word, sometimes it’s through a different art form.

In any case, I love the adventure that comes with delving into a new story! Whether you’re reading or writing this adventure, it grants you the freedom of escaping your own skin and seeing life through another person’s eyes.

That’s such a beautiful experience and it’s why I love to write!

Would you like to read some of my short stories?

Why don’t you check out at least one of them out at www.yourvervemagazineonline.info and then send me a suggestion or a comment on my writing?

I’d love to hear what you think : )

Thanks for stopping by & don’t be a stranger!!


Oh, yeah and my Online Journal, which is that thing I refuse to call a “Blog” because I just hate that word, is here!


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